GENPRO company

The story started in 2007. Now, we have three offices with over 130+ experienced BIM engineers covering all main disciplines. Since 2007 we have delivered more than 250 projects to our clients and partners. Through absolute technical expertise, GENPRO offers to their clients modeling services by highly-skilled engineers, not just draftsmen.

Our delivery approach bridges the gap between quality and speed of a building modeling through own developed automation processes in BIM. We believe in giving our clients an exclusive value in project delivery by our internal project control system to ensure that the project objectives are completely met their standards and requirements.

Our experience includes BIM modeling and designing tall (300 – 400 feet) and complicated complexes (1 m sq ft with pools, restaurants, and kindergartens) complexes in partnership with companies such as AECOM. Over 13,2 m sq ft of buildings designed in the last 3 years using BIM.

Whether you are a contractor, an engineer or an architect GENPRO always ready to be flexible and adapt to the standards and corporate culture of the clients. The team is capable of developing BIM models at all levels of detail (LoD) and information (LoI), cooperating with partners using BIM 360 Docs, Trello, Skype, Slack or whatever you prefer. This enables us to deliver every project within a tight time frame.

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